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About Us

Our mission

Business can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul.

With this in our mind we have created this venture called ANITYA

We are on a mission to impact the lives of networkers and help them in their journey of financial freedom by providing them with the best networking tools we aim at creating a brand and become a leader in this ever growing industry.

Our vision

Direct selling/network marketing is a growing industry which the ficci is estimating to be 64,500 cr industry by 2025. 

With the growing professionalism in the industry more and more people are opting for this as their career option.

There is a need to provide support to the professionals engaged in this sector.

There are no tools in the market to help the direct sellers to achieve their goals and help them out in planning their day to day activities.

The startup provides various networking tools to the doorsteps of the direct sellers. 

We provide customized dream list diary where a direct seller can pen his dreams and goals which he tends to achieve during his business journey which is a specified and proven process in the network marketing industry. 

The name list diary provided by the startup is a way to make an organized list of contacts which will help them to conduct their business in a more systematic way and is a specified process in the system.

The planner diary offered by the company makes the person more systematic by helping them to organize themselves.

All these 3 customized diaries are not available in the market yet and they have to consume their precious time in customizing and making these diaries on their own. which costs them both time and money.

We have also launched the app for the same which brings these networking tools to the fingertips. 
using the app the direct seller can access the name list and the dream list anywhere anytime.

Anitya would be a revolution in the industry of direct selling and network marketing. 

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